DIY: Flower Head Band Tutorial

Here is a Flower Head Band tutorial for you dear fashionistas.

This trend has been going on in the States since the early part of this year. It seems that these are the in thing  as they say goodbye to spring and say hello to summer.

Even local bloggers are following the trend.

Here is Laureen Uy with a pink and black number.

I love Tricia Gosiangtian and her dainty style.

And here is Camille Co.

There are only 3 basic materials you will need for this Flower Head Band tutorial:

1. Flowers and petals. Plastic is fine but I find fabric better.

2. And some headbands.

3. Glue guns.

If you have these three then you are already good to go.

Here are my creations:

So what do you think about this Flower Head Band Tutorial?


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