Food Review: Hopia Malitboganon

A long time ago, I saw my friend Nerissa post a picture of her eating this humongous circular piece of bread. I have never seen it before. My curiosity peaked.

While I was in Maasin last month, I finally saw this delicacy. It is called the Hopia Malitboganon  because it is made in Malitbog, Southern Leyte. I wanted to but one but decided to do it after the meeting because the size is too embarrassing to tote around. Sadly, the meeting ended late in the afternoon and we didn't take the same route back. So goodbye Hopia Malitboganon and until next time.

Just this week, Ate Amira and the rest of the team went back to Maasin. I still craved for this so I asked her to buy one for me. ( If you are reading this 'Te, thanks for giving my mandibles and masseter an exercise.)

Yumi got the first bite and the first thing she said was it reminded her of the little flat doughy sugar filled piayas I would often buy her when I go to Cebu. She was right but this one is tougher. My mother compares it to plywood.

So what goes into this thing? Just carameled muscovado sugar.

Next time you are in Maasin or in Malitbog, buy one but make sure you'll share it or else suffer my faith. My jaw is almost numb now and I think I am about to have a toothache.


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