LATAGAW SERIES: Welcome to Malaysia 2

We arrived at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal or LCCT in Kuala Lumpur at around 6:30 pm. Surprisingly, despite that there is no time difference between the Philippines and Malaysia, the sky is still bright at this time. Here's a pic taken from the plane.

Malaysia is also known as the Garden City.  Look at that greenery! Their trees are well lined. And from up above you will notice that their soil has a reddish tint. Later on, after talking to Rowel Naanep, a fellow artist who has been living for more than a decade in Malaysia as an architect and lots of slash, the soil is actually clay.

The first thing I noticed when we got off the plane were the signs. Bahasa Malaysia has a lot of similarities with our language, may it be Tagalog or Waray-waray. Mr. Rowel wrote a beautiful article comparing the Bahasa Malaysia's words with some of the dialects spoken in our country.

Travel blogs would often advice buying a sim card once you arrive at the LCCT. Just beyond the immigration queue, you will see a kiosk selling them for 30 RMT. It is already preloaded with 25 RMT. However, with Facebook and cellphone apps like Viber, why would I need to buy one? When bad comes to worse I'll just use telepathy.

Towards the exit you will see these booths selling bus tickets.

****Still to be updated.


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