I survived Yolanda!

I survived Yolanda and her fury.

I am at Cebu right now. I only learned the date and time today when I went to the nearest internet cafe. We have just arrived after a 24 hour open air ride with one of the Philippine Navy's ship.

When I stepped out of the ship, I was in tears. There were lots of volunteers who were there to address our basic needs-food and first aid. Imagine receiving a loaf of Gardenia sliced bread each and overflowing mineral water and coffee. We didn't see it in Leyte. They even have an evacuation center prepared for us. We saw the Lion's Club, some ROTC volunteers, the DSWD and a lot more. They gave us sooo much well-cooked cooked that was not straight from the can.

If you have eaten the crunchy half cooked rice on the Philippine Navy ship and endure the almost 6 hour line to get it. If you have experienced sleeping al fresco on the wet floor of the ship on a very cold and rainy night or sun bathe then you know what I am talking about.

However, I am still thankful for the people who helped us especially Choie Cabrera's family. For without them I will still be in Tacloban living in fear and scavenging for relief goods at daytime.

I wish I have photos to show you but while we were sleeping in our storm torn house, a thief ran through my things and stole my tab, camera and last money which I was supposed to buy a bike because I was already worn out from walking in search of relief goods.

I will chronicle my memory here as best as I can remember starting tomorrow. I will search for pics from my friends in Tacloban. Perhaps you will see someone familiar. Maybe I survived to tell our story.


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