Super Saiyan Hayan (Yolanda) Visits Tacloban

It is 10:30 pm here at Tacloban and while I'm tapping on my keyboard, the wind is whistling outside, gently warning me of the super typhoon that is expected to arrive tomorrow at 5am.

We are already at signal number 4 and everything seems ordinary. I believe we Waraynons are used to this kind of wind and rain. However, the news and social media feeds are painting a grim scenario. This might be the reason why we fear the storm.

Jam Tan took a pic of the locals panic buying. There is a running joke that the rich are panic buying while the poor can only afford to panic. 

I had been panic buying for 3 days already. The first day I went to buy food supplies. Last night Dante and I needed to water, flashlights, candles, duct tape and plastic bags to wrap the paintings with. My last run was to buy paper plates and plastic utensils just in case.

A preemptive evacuation was done yesterday. This is a photo taken at the Astrodome last night:  (Credits to Mayor Alfred Romualdez' FB account.)

Early this morning the neighbors were cutting down trees and trimming branches. 

The weather was calm and peaceful. (Is it what they call the "calm before a storm"?) Mr. Sun even took a peak from the clouds once in a while.

Guess who are in Tacloban right now?

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. (Credits to Mayor Alfred Romualdez' FB account.)

My friend Nikko Bacason said that CNN has sent a corespondent named Andrew Stevens to cover the super typhoon here in Tacloban.

Atom Araullo from ABS-CBN is in town too as well as a reporter from GMA. A friend posted a pic that they were covering at the McArthur park. However, I can't seem to find the pic on my newsfeed.

This must mean serious business if all of these people whom you just see on tv flew out just to witness this phenomenon.

Jim Edds (is he a storm chaser/hunter whatever?) tweeted a pic of the waters behind McDonald's in downtown Tacloban. The water has already risen so I guess it is flooded there already right now.

Growing up in V&G, I know how a little rain can cause flooding. Now a signal number 4 super typhoon would probably make that subdivision a giant lake! Here's what my friend Kyle has been doing-elevating everything. If you come from V&G you are an expert in this field already.
Emmanuel Lim took it up a notch. I knew he will. He has been with Red Cross since ....forever. And since V&G's floods can reach up to 4ft in height, life vests are badly needed.
Here's a photo posted by Jonray Matoza. Tie everything up!

Vice-Mayor Jerry Yaokasin is kept busy.
The Mayor is even busier. Looks like the Mayor ain't gonna get some shut eye in the next 24 hours  (Credits to Mayor Alfred Romualdez' FB account.) And what rotten luck, there was a fire earlier in the evening.

If you are in Visayas, keep safe. (Could this be caused by H.A.A.R.P?)

BBC says it is the biggest typhoon ever. So help us God.


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