"The Doctor's Secret to a Lifetime of Clear Skin"

"The Doctor's Secret to a Lifetime of Clear Skin" by Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields has been my company during the days after Yolanda. I was lucky to fish it out of the flooded water. 

It is a 30-page book written by the creators of Proactiv. I love how the book reminds you of things you already know but choose to forget. It contains some tips and tricks to keep acne away from your face.
This is my favorite. "A pimple is not simple." Hey! Just a simple zit can ruin your whole day and once you get scarred it will stay for life!

You can get a copy of this book for every purchase of a 30 or 60 day Proactiv Kit from SM, Watson's or from their door-to-door delivery.

If you want a lifetime of gorgeous skin, you better read this book because even if you are a beauty guru there are somethings you just don't know. Trust me!

I even managed to use some of the advice after the typhoon. Oh those countless miles I've walked under the heat of the sun and the days without water to wash my face.


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