Benjamin Kokoy Romualdez

I am unabashed to say that I am one nosy lil med student!
Curiosity got the best of me ever since a chopper landed on the Romualdez compound in front of our school, the Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation, a few days ago. I am a small town girl so things like these always excites me!
I asked around this morning. The security guards were very helpful in providing me information.
Apparently, Kokoy Romualdez's body will be flown in around nine tomorrow morning. It will be laid on a casket nestled on the second tier of the truck you see below and will be driven around Tacloban City.  a la Diana. 
This truck isstill half finished. At ten tonight it will be decked with white flowers (variety yet to be confirmed tomorrow morning).

RTRMF students are required to be in school at eight am tomorrow wearing our school uniform. Our class, the Medicine 1 students, were requested to pay tribute to our schools founder.
This stands by our schools main lobby. Eating up almost 3/4 of it. 

 The Romualdez' compound is just across our school, and here you can see lots of violet ribbons tied on trees and on the side mirrors of their shiny cars. Do you see something different here?

 A closer look after I sweet talked the guard to letting us in. Thanks Josh for tagging along with my craziness.
 Yep that's a chopper there!
 Poster's of 'We love you Kokoy' can be seen all around the city! Tomorrow, his body will be open to public viewing at around three on the afternoon at the Sto. Nino Church. This is immediately after my friend Lucy Yu and future Mrs. Tubio's wedding. I feel sorry for Lucy. Everything has to be sped up to accommodate Kokoy at 3.
Tomorrow, Kokoy's body will be flown back to Manila for the burial.
 This is Josh posing with the chopper!
 And moi who is uber satisfied with my good sleuthing skills. This chopper will take off tomorrow and fly above the float, throwing flowers into the air. What a sight to behold! I can't wait for tomorrow, no matter how toxic it will be!
 These cars are being washed, waxed and shined for tomorrows important guests. Even the hospital is being totally cleaned up! This is the first! The moss that used to cover its walls and stairs are now being scrubbed out! Rumor has it that Imelda Romualdez Marcos and Madame Juliet will be staying there.
Borgy will you be deigning us with your presence tomorrow?
 There seems to be free food here. Yum! yum! We have already been instructed to cross the street tomorrow for grubs at nine am.


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