The Mourning Leyteno's: Benjamin Kokoy Romualdez

Warning: this is a photo overload.
 All of the photos were taken from Congressman Ferdinand Martin Romualdez's (son of Kokoy Romualdez)  and Tacloban LGU's Facebook account. The photos speaks a thousand words and so the photos will tell the story of how the Leyteno's lost a fellow Leyteno- all in Imeldific proportions.

At long last a photo of konsehala Kring Kring Romualdez
Okay, so they scrimped on the outer covering by using acetate but the whole affair was Imeldific!
The fathers of RTRMF bidding adieu to the founder and benefactor of the school.Is that Dr. Romo?

Man in barong is probably a son of Mayor Bejo since  he is always at  his side. I saw him leaning on the pillar in Sto. Nino Church with silent tears running down from his bloodshot eyes.

Probably taken at Sto. Nino Shrine last night 

Imelda Marcos, fondly called MEldy by his brother Kokoy

L-R:Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, Philip Romualdez and Madame Juliet, wife of Kokoy Romualdez

Mayor Bejo Romualdez
A nice man who took his time to thank us in attending the necrological service of his brother at Sto. Nino Church.


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