Benjamin Kokoy Romualdez's Wake

Yesterday we were informed to be in complete uniform and be at our school, Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation at 7 am today.
En route to RTRMF this morning, I received a message saying there was a change of schedule and the meeting time was moved to 9.
I arrived at school a quarter before 9 and there was just a handful of us there. And when I say handful, I literally mean it. Only Tenes, Jelo, Earl, Patrick and I were there. None of us was even in uniform!
The lobby was already filled with undergraduates in the Bachelor of Science courses in their complete uniform. They were busy making flaglets.

The parking area was filled with public utility jeeps and cabs to ferry the students. Free snack and lunch overflowed!
The flight of the Romualdez's was delayed today. Rumor has it that the family was flown in by two private planes, the other one was owned by Willy Revillame.
Photo: Ma. Arlyn Gabon
Madame Imelda at the DZR Tarmac

photo | Lee Ryan Montaño
The coffin of the late Governor and Ambassador Kokoy Romualdez was placed inside a glass panel which was airconditioned and ran by a power generator.

photo | Lee Ryan Montaño
Confetti's in the air! So sad I wasn't able to witness this.
Sto. Nino Church sked for today was Gierlys wedding in the morning. Followed by Lucy's wedding at one.
Lucy's wedding was hurried since the church was going to be used for the wake at 3pm.


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