Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra
Crown chakra is a multimedia work using acrylic, fabric paint and fabric which tries to project the chakra or energy of the human body. Highlighted in this work is the crown chakra that honors intellectual connectedness and enlightenment. I understand.

Everything in this artwork was unplanned. I just went with how I feel and thought was right. The lotus crown here is inspired by mandala art and mehndi. Psychedelic colors were used because your chakra is simply made up of different colors. For some, they may interpret these colors as auras. (I still remember our humanities teacher, Ma'am Dulz describing my classmates aura's as rhedondron red! )

The creation of this work in itself was a form of meditation . I was entranced with the dots, lines and colors. (Just stare hard and you'll get cross-eyed!) The repetitive process was relaxing both to the mind and spirit.

If I could change a thing about this painting, I wish I could have painted the woman bigger, occupying at least 2/3 of the canvas. I would have dissed out the tacky pink frame and random gold swirls.

One thing I learned here is to make studies first to avoid fatal mistakes. For a newbie like me, experiment and research. It pays. just don't get too carried away by the new techniques you learned by putting them all in one artwork!

I find myself in the mehndi zone these past few artworks. I had a gothic art phase before. I'm glad I'm out of that phase because I'm loving the colors this time around!!!

Yumi find this beautiful so I guess we'll wait for Sir Louie's reaction. He was the one who gave me this canvas to play with for his YOGART project.



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