Selena Gomez' Hair and Dyeing 101

Remember how I'd written about my plans to get an ombre? I asked at Christina's if they can do it for me. Sadly, they said no. I wanted to do it myself but I was afraid of over bleaching my hair, if there is such a thing. Luckily, our neighbor in Burauen has a little parlor whom I paid a visit to ask for advice on ombre-fying my hair. Since my hair is rebonded, he was afraid to do the procedure and advised me against it.

Catching a glimpse of Decolor hair dye, I asked him what the product was all about.

It comes in so many colors and a sachet just costs 20php! The instruction at the back is shady. The english drove me crazy. I know I could swing the process if I just watch youtube tutorials and google but I was too lazy to do so. So on a flit of whimsy I got my hair highlighed with aubergine purple streaks . It's very subtle and more like a peek a boo thing since I only dyed the inner layers. It is not in the rage right now (or so I thought) so I was surprised to see Selena Gomez "Call Me Maybe" at Divine Lee's blog a while ago.

She has got electric blue and violet streaks on her hair! These colors are so perfect for brunettes! How cool is that? Now, I am contemplating on adding blue to my hair too. Is this going to be against our school code?I hope not coz I am so tempted. I might do this at the nape area so it would be easy for me to hide by putting my hair down. I'm not an actress so I can't get away with this edgy look on an everyday basis.

I love how bright and colorful her hair is. You have to flip mine to the sides to appreciate my highlights. You wouldn't even notice it exists on normal lighting! I have to add blue and just bleach and dye it by myself. Now my next problem is to get a volunteer to dye the back of my head.

If I am still studying in UP and my titas won't skin my head, I would have loved to dye my hair in these colors instead..

Look at the gradiation on this one!

I can't help but notice how vibrant their hair color is! Mine looks dull probably because the guy gay coloured it one time only.

If you are interested to have your own color dipped hair, here is an instruction I got online from a Decolor supplier.

Operation method:
1. Skin test :The color powder takes the small quantity to put to come to hand a skin after mixing
with the double oxygen milk,24 the skin did not appear after hours After the phenomenon of,the square
can be use in the hair.
2.Check the hair quality and skin of heads of check the customers to have no damaged circumstance.

3.Choose to meet the color of demand to press physical volume in the color plank 1:1 ,press weight
1:2.5 of comparison mix with the double oxygen milk, Mix even.

4.Draw to put to become dry first 5 after minutes ,then draw to put in the root of hair and hair tails
5.This article makes to dye the usage may also ,using the tin paper package result.

6.Did not need the heating ,25°C of temperature -30°C use the tin paper must use to shampoo

the water to hurtle to clean,then.

7.This powder of decolor according to three number hair operations ,the more shallow color of hair color

is more fresh and gorgeous.

8.Need the decolor two times color ,for the first time normal  powder of decolor ,to 8 number hairs ,Use

 this powder  of decolor for the second time,15minutes are then.

How was it? Did you experience nausea and vomiting? 

Vamoose to you and your headache!


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