REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream

My 20ml L'Oreal Paris White Perfect transparent rosy whitening day cream is now empty.

It has SPF17 and promises a rosy complexion. It has Melanin-Vanish which is believed desaturate cells loaded with melanin. The cream has a double action. First, it helps neutralize the program of melanin production at the source. It then unloads the existing melanin in skin layers to brighten up the skin complexion.It also has "pro radiance complex" which has lactic and glycolic acid in it. I believe these two helps in micropeeling.The Tourmaline gemstone helps stimulate skin microcirculation. 

These promises sold me out! They offer more than the regular brands that I use. Knowing that it is a tad more expensive than my usual Olay cream, I was expecting it to work better.

I don't know about the SPF part, all I know is whenever I use this cream my skin would really brighten up with oil from this cream. It doesn't easily settle on your skin unlike other creams. I personally think it is heavy and it also makes my morena complexion look ashen or gray.

If you have oily skin, don't buy this! I have a combination skin and this cream causes my skin to have that greasy look by lunchtime! I need two oil blotting films to matte my face. My aunt would often complain that I look untidy and that probably I am not washing my face. If only she knows that I'm trying to finish off this L'oreal White Perfect Day Cream so I could move on to another cream (I'm now using Garnier Light, it is cheaper but so far, so good).

I've been using this cream for more than a month. I am so happy I didn't buy the biggest bottle because this product doesn't match my skins needs.

You can buy cheaper day cream with SPF protection and moisturizer at a much cheaper price. It doesn't mean that if it is expensive, it is bound to be good. Scout around and don't be fooled by the words written in the packaging. That is my biggest weakness. I always fall for whoever writes best. The adjectives just keeps pulling me in!



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