Tribal Wear

I have always been fascinated with the different tribes in the Philippines. I loved reading Agoncillo's Philippine history book because it takes me to a culture different from what we have today. Among these are the Igorots and Ifugao etc. of Luzon.

Surprisingly, a friend of Dante whom I went to UP Tac with sent us a package with a Sagada weaved rectangular cloth, a choker and dangling earrings! Thank you Dr. Rochelyn Pagpaguitan for the wonderful surprise! It is rare to find a person these days who appreciates the culture of our ancestors.

In my excitement, I let Yumi wear her Igorot attire while I try to figure out what to do with the rectangular cloth. There was no string or button on the cloth so I decided to wrap the cloth around my waist and fold it down to my hips until it was snug and fit.Initially, I thought the choker was for my head.

Here I am with my ratty black shirt and Yumi in her ballet flats just because I don't know what shoes would match her outfit.

There was so much thought put into this garb and the effort to send it via parcel is very much appreciated Doc!

Now, my problem is when to wear this beautiful costume!

It is now raining outside. So glad I let my brother take the picture earlier.



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