Fresh Out of the Box!

Coming from the province which only has one small mall to boast, finding a genuine luxury perfume has always been a challenge. There are times that I do manage to find the brands I like but it is either overpriced because a friend from abroad has brought it in( sorry, I am not your typical Filipino. I have no relatives from abroad), a made in China knock off at 250Php at a local Taiwanese store or else I have to go to the big cities like Manila or Cebu and ask around where to find one.

Since I easily get bored with a certain scent and I always want to match my scent with the occasion, I am always at the prowl for new scents. I am glad there is FReSH Fragrance Bar because shopping for perfumes has now become easier. When I need a new scent, I know where to point my nose at:  Eastwood Mall or Alabang Town Center when I'm in Manila.

I am happy to know that they only sell perfumes that are genuine and authentic. The icing on the cake is that they are sold at reasonable prices. They also offer a flexible payment scheme, promos and loyalty programs that will definitely lure me time and time again. Not heavy on the pocket is totally me.

Indeed it is the “Perfume Store for Perfume Addicts” like me! Now, I can now start my own dream fragrance bar at home without worrying about its quality.


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