Ulzzang: Best Face

Ulzzang (uhl-jang) or Uljjang shipadae is the epitome of South Korean beauty and fashion. This means, best face or good looking and seems to be the goal of almost anyone interested in Asian fashion. Ulzzang's take pride in their healthy unblemished skin.

To create an ulzzang look, there are basic items you must have in your beauty arsenal:

1. Circle lenses.

Since the eyes is the highlight of the look, they use circle lenses to make their iris look bigger. A lens with a 14.5mm diameter will give you a doll eyed look while the 14.8mm will make you look like an anime.
There are 1 tone, 2 tone,3 tone and 4 tone lenses. Black and brown 1 tone lenses are popular. the 2 tones have a black limbal or outer lining while the 3 tone has yellowish blending at the middle. I personally like the 3 toned ones. 4 tone lenses have an evenbetter blending.

2. Double eyelid glue or tape.

If you don't have a fold on your eyes like most Asians, you can use eyelid glue or tape to create one.
When using glue, allow it to become transparent before pushin gup your lid.
Here is a good tutorial I found at wikihow.

3. Put on BB cream all over your face for a nice base.

4. If you want to have a slimmer looking face, you can contour it using bronzers and contouring powders.

5. Apply an apricot or pink blush on your cheekbones.

6. Brush your brows and fill it in with a soft brown color.

5.Curl your lashes.

To open up your peepers, curl your lashes. I fyou don't have an eyelash curler at home, you can use a spoon to do so. Here is a good tutorial:

6. Put on falsies.

Once done curling, apply false eyelashes. Wispies with the transparent bands look more natural than the spikey ones. You will also need to put this on with the glue you used for your eyelids.
You can also trim the falsies if it is too wide for your eyes.
Underlashes are not necessary unlike the gyaru style.

7. Put on mascara.

After putting on the falsies, bond your natural lashes with it using mascara.

8. Line the eyes.

If there are uneven areas in the lashes, fill it out with a black eyeliner.

To make your eyes even bigger line the lower lashline with a white eyeliner.

9. Apply natural eye makeup or smokey eyes.
Check this out! http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/asian-eye-makeup
or this tutorial:

10. Gradient lips.

Gradient lips are pretty popular among Ulzzangs. Just apply a nude shade or lip concealer then dot the inner part of your lips with a lip tint and then slowly spread it outside with your beauty finger or q-tip for a natural ombre'd look. Top it all off with a clear gloss.

Now take a lot of photos of yourself trying to blow bubbles. Others say this is the fish face and a classic Asian pose.



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