REVIEW: Olay Oil Minimizing Toner

Ideally, one should wash, tone and moisturize their face. I just wash and moisturizer. When I hear the word toner, I would immediately imagine Eskinol or astringents. I'm not a big fan of these products because the former with its high alcohol content can be drying and the latter can cause redness and often leaves your face white while your neck is several shades darker. Awful! Hence, I always steered away from toners.

However, when I read one article that discussed the importance of toners, I was swayed. Apparently it not only removes the dirt that the facial cleanser failed to wash away, it also helps tighten or shrink your pores. Impurities and other environmental contaminants will have a difficult time penetrating your skin and cause infection. This reduces oil on your face and makes your pores look smaller. Another benefit is that it also restores and balances the pH on your skin after it has been washed by soap. since they also serve as humectants, they help seal moisture on your skin.The reason I love best is that in lieu of washing with water, I can use this to remove dirt and grime on my face.

The proper way in using the toner is to wash your face first with a cleanser for your skin type. Then, you moisten a clean cotton ball with the toner. You can start wiping it on your T-zone which is the forehead, nose and chin. These are the oiliest areas on your face. Afterwards, you can then wipe your cheeks and other areas. Once it is dry, you can then apply a moisturizer.

Since I am a big fan and believer of Olay, I decided to purchase one despite its steep price of 319Php for a 212ml bottle. I could have gotten a Celeteque or generic toner for half the price. After all they just have the same main content: witch hazel.

Witch hazel is commonly used in toners because it contains tannin, a natural astringent. It also reduces bacteria in your skin which often causes unwanted pimples and acne.

I love the Olay oil minimizing toner because it is gentle on my skin. There is no sting and dryness after I use it. Indeed I noticed that it kept my oiliness at bay so I don't need to blot my skin by lunch time. I can also easily apply it on my face before I lather moisturizer and sleep at night. Will I buy another bottle? Certainly.


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