Eyes Closed to The World

I felt pity for the girl on the sex scandal video I received a few days back.
I know her.I've walked the same corridors, sat on the same chairs, went to the same school and listened to the same boring lectures with her. We even rode the same old rickety jeep that ply the same pockmarked subdivision we live in. Though I only know her by name and never really got to know her nature, I pity her.
I remember once that there was trouble with her and her boyfriend. She was at the school lobby with her boyfriend and their parents. Rumor has it that they were caught having sex on the biology lab. Others say that it was because her boyfriend would often beat her up.
Her friends say she is nice and the only problem is likes to sleep around. She should have seen this thing coming to her. Sooner or later your deed comes around and haunts you. Though the man on the video was obviously not her boyfriend, I pity her. She was unaware. (Or was she?) Her eyes were closed. They were doing a private act.
Not even the most private act these days remains private. It makes you wonder who's the next victim.
She now has a baby and a husband probably. What would be their reaction And more importantly how would she react? Can she ever face the world again when every time she looks a person in the eye she would think that maybe, just maybe this person has seen her video. The whispers on the corners..the laughter..I've been there and believe me paranoia is something serious.


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