I'm counting the days until I graduate. Six years in college is no fun at all. I could have been in a Master's program right now or if my brain and finances would have me have it, medicine. But it's no use crying over spilled milk( uhmm spilled water since I'm lactose intolerant). I've got 8 more months to go, God willing.
The Capping and Badging ceremony will be tomorrow. We had to eke out 70 Php just for the souvenirs! When I had my ceremony I remembered being handed with an ugly dusty candle. This made me muse out loud if the candle was already an heirloom passed from the first batch of student nurses. I just hope this would be my last year in nursing and St. Scho or else I'll be wagging my tongue again because there will be 2 batches to be capped and badged next year.
On Saturday will be the Acquaintance party. They have this weird sitting arrangement wherein 3 fourth years will be paired up with 3 freshies in one table. As if I would bother getting acquainted with them when I myself isn't acquainted yet with my own clasmates. I'm getting nauseated by this thought. Mr. Nugas said this would be an excellent opportunity to sell our old books and photocopies and druglits. Maybe I can sell my PHN bag.
Pictures of how we are supposed to dress are posted at school. No sleeveless. No spaghetti straps. No tubes. Nothing above the knee. No colored stockings. No heeled shoes above 2 inches. And above all no False eyelashes. No FALSE EYELASHES?Preposterous. I'll wear a sackcloth or better yet my school uniform.
Next week, MIDTERMS. How time flies..I have to master neuro. I've dozed off in all of Mr. Eunuch's lecture.Crunch..crucnh..crunch..


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