So help me God!

I shouldn't be blogging right now.
My nose instead should be buried in between the pages of my photocopies. My fingers should be busy running all over the map of Asia right now. Instead here I am hammering at my keyboard.
After my midterms exam for Curative and Nursing Research today, I should know better.
Not reading in advance and sleeping during lectures has done its toll on me. Today as I sat chewing eraser of my Mongol pencil and looking at the blank spaces of my test paper, I had so many realizations. And these realizations has already passed my mind many times before. Yet sadly for the nth time I still did not learn my lesson.
My classmates were all moaning on how they had epistaxis because of the difficult test. I had paroxysms! CSF was running through my nose and ears!
I hope tomorrow will be better. I have two more tests to go-Theology and Asian Civilization.
Why oh why did the school suddenly changed their usually multiple choiced major exams into a more subjective one!!!!


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