My Mid-Year Crisis

I've revisited my dying neopet Wyrd_Froggie in the wee hours of the morning yesterday and it seems that I am now hooked again.
My neopet needs a lot of toys and is famished but I have yet to earn neopoints to buy him some food and other necessities. Oh if life could only be this simple.
It seems that life is getting tougher these days. It is not only the Philippines who has a rice shortage but also the rest of the world. Would you believe that a decade ago we were teaching these Thais and other Asians how to grow rice?
The dollar has grown stronger against the peso. One US dollar is to 45 Php as of late. This doesn't bother me an inch since I don't have any relatives abroad sending me dollars. What bothers me and irritates me most is the expensive fare!!! There is a provisional fare hike of .50 cents brought about by the latest increase in diesel. I can't believe that in the Middle East a litre of gasoline is just 7php while here it's 60 php. Water is much more expensive that gasoline there! I'm thinking of buying a bicyce so I could just pedal my way to school. This would in turn decrease my carbon footprint, my metabolic rate and my sweat! Ughh...
Woe to the President because she's taking all the backlash. This might be the reason why the President hasn't grown beyond 5 feet. Ngyahahaha...


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