Tindahan ng Bayan

I was passing on my usual route to school-Magallanes Street, when I espied upon a sign saying, "Tindahan ng Bayan: Rice and Noodles".
Although Asians are very fond of noodles, I know for sure that noodles are not a staple of a Filipino family's diet. Are noodles a staple food of Filipinos these days? This just reminds me of what my DebSoc coach way back in UPTac said to us on one of his lectures. Filipinos he said could only afford noodles these days. They make these noodles as their viands. Rice is carbs and then noodles is also carbs. This definitely is not a balanced diet.
Have yu seen the long lines for NFA rice? If I am not busy with school myself I would have also queued! NFA rice is way way cheaper than regular rice. Here at our neighborhood sari-sari store they sell it for 50Php a kilo! This is highway robbery!
I keep telling Yumi that she is soooo sosyal to be eating lugaw because rice is much more expensive than her cereals.
From Buddho by Ajaan Thate Desaransi

Practice meditation the same way farmers grow rice. They’re in no hurry. They scatter the seed, plow, harrow, plant the seedlings, step by step, without skipping any of the steps. Then they wait for the plants to grow. Even when they don’t yet see the rice appearing, they’re confident that the rice is sure to appear some day in the future. Once the rice appears, they’re convinced that they’re sure to reap results. They don’t pull on the rice plants to make them come out with rice when they want it. Anyone who did that would end up with no results at all.


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