First Day High!

Welcome Class of 2015!
Welcome future doctors!

When I decided to become a doctor, I was well advised by my aunt. I know that for the first four years medical books are going to be my best buddies. It has just been a week now but my eyes are already heavy from lack of sleep. In four years, I'll be a zombie and I'll eat your brains!

Thankfully, my friends lent me their books for without them I'll be so lost. The next three years will be a struggle. I need to buy my own books. The problem with borrowed books is that I can't make any marks on them. I have downloaded ebooks on my flash drive but I'm already legally blind. I hate reading from an LCD. It makes my eyes sting and my tendency is to scratch it. I have fears of completely losing my eyesight so I try not to stress them. They are my only pair.

I prefer fingering glossy papers and occasionally getting paper cuts. I love the crisp smell of newly pressed paper and even the muskiness of old ones. It's old school and nostalgic.


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