Orientation Turned To Introspection

I was expecting to be oriented to our curriculum today. Instead, our Dean talked about something else that has always interested me.

When a 70ish guy talks, shut your mouth and listen because they speak with wisdom. There is a line in the Bible that says " Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." I believe this is what happened this morning. Our dean was very eager to share what he has been practicing and reaping all these years.

Let me type the points that I've managed to hear and remember along the way:

  • Thinking+ Action+ Feelings = Result
  • Sleep with only good thoughts in your mind.
  • Do good. Good actions always begets good action.
  • Write 6 things to accomplish each day and do it. This will make you more efficient. 
Expected class size is 70. That's big considering that previous classes(other than last year which was 57) was usually just 30 something. Most of my classmates are like me-nurses. This is another phenomenon. The demand for nurses has steadily declined these past few years. Getting a job whether here or abroad is cutthroat. You need to have the right connections and money. 

All of us in the class has a story tell. You know mine. What's theirs?


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