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Understandably, in politics there will always be two sides of the coin. But others would just simply stay neutral. When I posted my rants about the Pintados/Sangyaw fiasco, my cousin Boom gave me a piece of his mind. I'll post it here. It is also a good way to show another side of the story. I guess he is more in the know since his dad works for the city government.
Boom said that Waray Buot's has lots of loopholes and lacks details.Citing " #4, if the writer of which did not even have a first hand info of the court proceedings i would understand the lack of knowledge" He then proceeded to ask me what a motion for inhibition is. I could google that one but I'd rather stick to the research I'm doing right now on muscles and their origins, insertions and action. On " #5, it wasn't because of the TRO that a special permit was released" His advice was doing an extensive research before telling others what really happened. Emma and I got a scuffle over this with Paul and his girlfriend too.
As my friend Jerahmeel said, we have already grown up. We are now starting to care about political issues. For sure, the Romualdez will not be getting my votes in the next election. Why? Because I'm from Burauen.


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