The World is a Rat Race!

I'm counting the days before school starts. Yes, I won't deny it I am excited! I'll be picking other people's brains(literally!) and racking mine! The rat race is on...
I've been a nurse and it taught me that I can still enrich myself. I hated being in a limbo. I was stuck between the world of patients and the world of doctors. Now I don't have to be a telegraph; relaying messages has never been my cup of tea.
I'm planning to change the header of this blog to "SURVING MED SCHOOL ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET". What do you think?
Thanks to Ivy for letting me borrow her first year med books. I'm definitely positively sure they will be a great help! Thank you so much! Til next year. =)
I'll still be working for rarejob. I'll be waiting for students while studying. I still have one more project to finish with Odesk-the ebook. I don't know when I can start it but the deadline is on June 6th. Pressure!!!These lazy bones are uninspired right now.
An exhibit is coming up in June and I don't have an artwork yet. I already made the sketches. I want to use watercolors. They are not messy and I love its effects but someone out there thinks acrylic is better.
I'll be at Robinsons Movie World this afternoon giving out free XMEN glitter tattoos to movie goers. This doesn't pay. It's just advertising. I just want the word out that I do body art and hey they can have me for their parties! So, I had my first ever business card printed out yesterday so hurrah to me! I'll be doling them out later to would-be and could-be clients.
Thank you Lord for all these rackets!!! They'll tide me over until the next drought!!!


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