Blood Supply of the Brain

Saw Netter's illustration of the Circle of Willis a while ago. It looked quite easy but the drawing is not the prob. My prob is memorizing the parts. As usual, I ran some searches regarding this problem and are some things to help improve that early memory loss of yours!

This looks like a spider, right? A very scary looking spider. It has a face, 8 legs and a Willis.
Now lets compare that to the scholarly version of the Circle of Willis.

Which do you like best?
Who was Willis anyway? Thomas Willis was an English physician in the 17th century. He did a lot of research on the brain and the nervous system. Some of this were done on public execution victims.In 1861, Anne Green was hanged. Willis dissected her. The procedure was cut short when Anne came back to life. From then on, Willis became a sought after physician.

Nosy you! You want the dirt? Anne Green is a 22 year old housemaid. She was hanged at Oxford's Cattle Yard for murdering her newborn. Some say the father of the baby was the grandson of her employer. He was a nobleman and she was just a commoner. The baby was born prematurely and may have died of complications from childbirth.

Interesting right?
The book  Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple is a highly recommended read. It has illustrations and mnemonics that could help you with neuroanatomy.


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