Pump Up the Blood Flow

My new dilemma today is memorizing the blood flow of the heart.

Since I have a poor memory, I researched some tips and tricks that might help you:
1. Remember that vein has the word "in" in it, meaning it carries blood into the heart!
2. Arteries starts with letter A symbolizing away. It pumps blood away from the heart.
3. Try before you Buy = tricuspid before bicuspid (mitral) valve.
4. Just as veins bring blood into the heart, so does the Vena Cava ( inf.& sup.)
5. Just as arteries take blood away from the heart, so does the Aorta.
6. Pulmonary refers to the lungs, so pulmonary artery takes blood away from heart to lungs and pulmonary veins bring blood into the heart from lungs.
7. A comes before V in the alphabet so I always knew that the Atria came before the ventricles, and the Arteries came before the Veins.
8. As go with the Vs and Vs go with the As.Veins always enter the Atria (or go toward the atria).Arteries always arise from Ventricles.
9. Atrium/ventricles separated by valves.
10. more people are RIGHT handed than left handed so the TRIcuspid valve is on the RIGHT
11. less people are LEFT handed the BICUSPID is on the left
12.TRIcuspid is on the RIGHT side ~ same side as the lung that has three lobes... BIcuspid is on the same side of the lung that has two lobes.
13. TOILET PAPER MY ASS. Tricuspid, Pulmonary, Mitral, Aortic

There is also a song I found at you tube that is helpful with memorizing the blood flow.It is kindda fast but it gives the gist.

But this video is even better.

If you have any corrections or if you want to add something, please leave a comment so I can update this post. Thank you! I do hope this material can help you in your anatomy or physiology exams.


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